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Intermountain Staffing specializes in staffing light industrial, entry-level trades and entry-level clerical positions. We have been providing customized solutions for more than 30 years. We pride ourselves on providing employers with solutions to their staffing needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With on-call access to a live, Intermountain staff member, we are able to meet the demands of shift work, odd hours, and high turnover positions. Whether you require the support of a single employee or an entire flexible workforce, Intermountain is ready and willing to help. We have a variety of services designed to meet your unique needs.

Short-Term Employees

Short-term employees allow you to get that extra helping hand you might need for a day or a month. You let us know the length of the assignment and skills needed. We take care of the rest.

Long-Term Employees

Long-term employees are an Intermountain Staffing specialty. We understand that long-term assignments require training and commitment. At Intermountain Staffing we have refined our screening program to assure the selection of the most reliable employee for your long-term personnel needs. Before Intermountain Staffing fills a long-term order, we conduct interviews with several employees. The highest priority is matching employee skills and long-term goals with the job order requirements.

Direct Hire

Direct hire is often chosen by our clients who have the least amount of time to devote to the hiring process, yet need assurance that they will get the best employee available. Candidates chosen for interviews are specifically pre-qualified for an interest in long-term employment with your company, industry, and type of position being offered. Intermountain Staffing provides this service for a fee that is calculated as a percentage of the employee's starting salary, and which is payable only upon the successful hire of one of our candidates.

Payroll Service Plan

Our Payroll Service Plan, in contrast to our standard service, does not include procedures such as recruiting, screening, and reference checking. Since we perform only a portion of our normal service and provide no guarantees, the billing rate is significantly lower than our normal charge. Payroll service employees may be hired onto your payroll at any time with no conversion fee.

On-Site Resource Management

Intermountain's On-site Resource Management program delivers significant benefits to our clients with the entire recruitment process. With On-site Resource Management we manage all of the requirements in the selection, interviewing, testing and hiring. The on-site manager will interact daily with appropriate decision makers to ensure the high quality response to any staffing requirement. Finally, On-site Resource Management provides an ongoing pro-active resource and partnership to your Human Resource department within your organization.

Today more than ever companies are looking to gain flexibility through the reduction of core staff, while taking advantage of flexible contract or temporary workers. More often than not this is the outsourcing of functions, departments and or divisions. Outsourcing has been most effective when Intermountain provides the workers but the decision-making remains with the clients' staff.

Benefits of outsourcing include:
  • We deal with personnel issues (i.e. disciplinary, appraisal).
  • Coverage for absenteeism with minimal disruption.
  • Total Cost known from the outset.